Panic Disorder: Psychotherapy vs. Control

General Description

The panic-psyctr dataset is part of the meta-analytic research domain (MARD) on psychotherapy for panic disorder. This MARD is part of the Metapsy project. The dataset contains study information and effect size data of trials on psychotherapy for panic disorder (with and without agoraphobia) in adults.

This dataset includes psychotherapy vs. control (psy vs ctr) comparisons. Effect sizes are provided for outcomes at post-test. It includes one type of effect size calculation per study, giving priority to means and standard deviations at post-test, followed by change scores, binary outcomes, and other statistics.

The dataset follows the Metapsy data standard. All included information has been independently extracted two researchers. Risk of bias ratings were conducted using the Cochrane Collaboration Risk of Bias Tool (Version 2).

Affiliated Institutions

University of Verona

Online Meta-Analysis Tool

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Study References

Database Flowchart

Studies in the panic-psyctr dataset were extracted from the larger “panic disorder psychotherapy” database. The study flow of this database can be found below.

Further Information

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. Database of panic disorder psychotherapy trials with control conditions. Part of the Metapsy project (Version ). URL DOI .